Will Price Estimates

Single Will for Individuals

Type of WillCostTotal
Simple Will£450 plus VAT£540
Will with Trust of Property£550 plus VAT£660
Will with Discretionary Trust (and
letter of wishes)
£650 plus VAT£780

Mirror Wills for a Couple

Type of WillCost (for both Wills)Total
Simple Wills£550 plus VAT£660
Wills with Trust of Property£750 plus VAT£900
Wills with Discretionary Trust (and
letter of wishes)
£850 plus VAT£1,020

Additional Costs

Several Beneficiaries or gifts

If there are a number of beneficiaries and/or gifts then additional charges may apply to reflect the added work and advice involved.
Home Visits

Home visits will incur additonal charges for our travelling time.
add £150 per hour
Urgent Wills

Urgent Wills require us to prioritise this work above all other work. We do our best to accommodate urgent Wills but this may not always be possible.
add at least £200 plus VAT
Severing Joint Tenancy

Wills that involve a Property Trust, Life Interest Trust or a Discretionary Trust may need to have joint tenancy of property severed.
add £100 plus VAT
Land Registry Searches

It is often necessary to check the ownership of property with the Land Registry.
add £3.00 plus VAT per property